How to solve the 1st baffling custom in-ceiling/wall speaker installation problem.

Are you baffled by speaker baffles?

What is a speaker baffle?

A speaker baffle is the front face of a speaker cabinet.
The speakers (woofers, mid-range drivers, and tweeters) mount to the front baffle.

Accurate audio reproduction relies on the speaker baffle to fulfill two critical cabinet functions.
1 – Minimize unwanted mechanical vibration/resonance.
Unwanted resonance distorts the audio.
2 – Prevent the front and rear sound waves from colliding and canceling each other.
Floor standing and bookshelf speaker enclosures include appropriate solid speaker baffles.

What about your better/best
premium custom-installed speaker system?

Custom speakers installed in walls or ceilings constructed of or reinforced with hardwood fulfill the two critical baffle functions. An un-reinforced drywall installation only prevents the front/rear sound waves from canceling.

The baffling drywall construction problem.

The drywall consists of paper, chalk, and glue, which makes for a poor speaker baffle.
Drywall vibration/resonance generates muddy bass, creates harsh vocals, and decreases the decibel level. Paper, chalk, and glue suck the life out of your music and movie audio.
Drywall robs the better/best premium sound you paid for.

Here’s your $69.99 clarifying drywall baffle solution.

Rescue your premium speaker investment with the SandTrap architectural speaker tuning system.
The patented system employs increased mass/weight to re-tune and minimize unwanted distorting drywall resonance. The easy-to-install speaker tuning system inserts through your existing speaker cut-out.
The SandTrap revives the sound you paid for — tighter bass, warmer vocals, & increased db level.

Take clarified baffle action.

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