Would you label this SciFi – it’s not my usual topic?

This blog diverges from my typical audio/video subjects.
But it does live on the outer SciFi edge of consumer electronics.

ZDNet published a story that (much like my adult children) warped my brain.
It includes terms such as neuromorphic and numbers in the quadrillion.

ZDNet reported Intel’s Hala Point, the world’s largest neuromorphic computer, has 1.15 billion neurons. Neuromorphic is a great word. It refers to computing that approaches the function of the human brain.

Intel intends to use the Hala Point system “brain-scale computing research,” to solve problems in device physics, computer architecture, and computer science.

Intel’s research head said, “There is a really compelling long-term vision for scaling up on the basic science level. We all have the human brain scale in mind; it’d be great to build a system that large and show it doing something even close to what a human brain can achieve.”

Are the cyborgs coming for us?
Select this ZDNET LINK for their brain warp story.

That’s It!

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