Las Vegas CES used to be exciting.

CES Las Vegas used to be exciting.

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Las Vegas CES used to be exciting.
In January 1977, I attended my first Winter CES in Las Vegas. Called the Winter show; because Summer CES Chicago followed in June. Summer CES in the early 80s, my first visit to the Windy City included Epicure’s lunch feast featuring Lionel Hampton and his orchestra. That was a show.

CES was a deluge of audio and video demonstrations that produced music and film goosebumps that dominated the event. CES exposed us to the sounds of the Infinity IRS, the Quad ESL, the KLH 9, Mark Levinson, Threshold, and I could go on, but the point is it was fun.

It also offered impressive affordable audio from Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha, JBL, Epicure, BIC Venturi, ESS, and many long-forgotten gems of audio. Video highlights included the Kloss Nova Beam, Sony HiFi Beta, JVC HiFi VHS, and the Pioneer Laser Disc. The Dolby Labs Surround decoder, sold as a separate component, launched home theater.

In addition, the Las Vegas Alexis Park hotel filled seven floors of individual rooms with unique, crazy, outlandish, amazing audiophile demonstrations. CES was exciting. It also gave us a chance to

re-engage with colleagues. But that version of the show is gone.

Not-so-smart refrigerators & toasters, robotic pool cleaners & lawn mowers have replaced the old show. Are you looking for an Ai bird feeder with a camera? You’re in the right place. Booth 18679 still offers massage chairs that we took advantage of in the 90s

You can still view the latest television displays and find a few friends. But here’s the final nail in my CES coffin. 2023 will introduce AARP CES.

Well, I’ll be at home, in my rocking chair, listening to Richie Furay on my old stereo audio system.
Select this LINK to TWICE if you’re interested in AARP CES

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