$40 how to connect your TV to your home audio system solution.

Do you want better TV sound?

Contemporary televisions include a digital audio output jack on their rear panel.
The jack is a TOSLINK digital audio connection.
It permits bypassing the TV’s low-fidelity speakers
and connecting to almost any high-fidelity home audio system.
It can if your audio system includes a TOSLINK digital input jack.
If your system does not, then allow this blog to unfold.

• We will locate and describe the optical TOSLINK jack on your TV’s back panel
• We will present this TOSLINK jack’s two most promoted uses.
• I will unveil a low-cost alternative solution.

Where is that small black jack on your TV’s back panel?

This photo is a TV back panel example.

The black rectangular jack, in this photo, is the optical TOSLINK digital audio output.
It’s at the top of the circle in the photo.
You can connect your audio system to this output jack if it includes a Toslink input jack.

If it doesn’t

If your audio system does not, many promote the purchase of a new AV receiver or a soundbar.

New AV receiver

The purchase of a new audio/video receiver is a high-fidelity option.
Better stereo versions sell for $600 and much more.
Better surround sound versions can squeeze your checkbook for $1000 and more.

The soundbar

The typical big-Box soundbar features a small, low-fidelity powered speaker.
Powered means it includes a small amplifier in its small enclosure.
It’s a popular add-on big-Box purchase.
This soundbar conveniently fits under or above a TV.
Many of these soundbars include 2-inch or 3-inch speakers.
Speakers this small create small-sound.
Larger soundbars with a small woofer in a separate enclosure are not cheap.
But they offer better sound than smaller soundbars.
However, a high-fidelity stereo or surround sound system sounds decisively better.

Did you ask?

Must I lay out big cash for a new home theater receiver?
Do I have to settle for a soundbar?
Well, I’m glad you asked.

If you own any high-fidelity stereo audio or surround sound system,
even a legacy 1970s stereo audio system,
The answer is No!


Do you have a couple of $20 bills in your wallet?
If yes, then ditch the soundbar and new home theater receiver.
Purchase a digital-to-analog converter.
This small magic box provides the required TOSLINK digital input jack.
The box converts digital audio to analog.
It then connects to your audio system via standard analog single-ended (red/white) RCA output jacks.

Yep, it’s cheap.

But this small magic box delivers significantly more dynamic sound for far less money than soundbars.
And it avoids the cost of a new home theater receiver.

Go to your local independent audio/video dealer and buy it.

Your local dealer can also walk you through the connection setup process.

And while you’re at it

Ask your dealer about the easy wireless connection of your legacy receiver to your smartphone or computer via an inexpensive small-box Bluetooth receiver.

That’s it for today.
Captain Ed

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